Securing Next Generation Application Architectures

Traceable combines the power of end-to-end distributed tracing, cloud-native integrations, and advanced behavioral analytics to deliver modern application and API security. View a demo today.

Traceable traces
Application security monitoring

Discover, monitor, visualize, and correlate application code changes to transactions, API endpoints, and specifications.

Protect from
emerging threats

Detect API anomalies and block emerging threats, such as OWASP Top 10 & OWASP API Top 10 attacks.

Behavioral analytics
and forensics

No logs, just answers. Analyze internal and external API calls, and deliver insights, trends, and analytics.

Designed for

Natively instrument Kubernetes, Envoy Service Mesh, Serverless and other cloud-native environments to secure transactions.

Threats hide in plain sight.

You have to connect thousands of dots to maintain your application security posture in the cloud-native era and protect your business from emerging threats. Traditional security tools struggle to keep up with the application vulnerabilities of cloud native applications.

Users interact with multiple APIs in a single visit
Get full context, stay protected
Attacks access the business logic exposed in APIs

Real-world Breach Analysis

Real world
breach analysis.

Uber data breach.

$148 million

dollar fine

A vulnerable API endpoint exposed valuable information, including PII records and authentication tokens of other riders and drivers.

Hackers could use the leaked authentication tokens to perform full account takeovers.

Facebook account takeover.

50-90 million

users impacted

A bug bounty program found a vulnerability in Facebook’s password recovery mechanism. Brute force attempts were not being prevented when users verified their identity by submitting a Facebook-supplied security token.

Attackers could reset other users' passwords by making calls to Facebook's API while iterating through secret tokens.

Up to date knowledge of your rapidly changing apps.

Traceable is setting the new standard in application security by using machine learning and distributed tracing to address the complex requirements for api security in cloud native applications.

see how   

Security requires
the whole team.

Security requires
the whole team.


Sophisticated threats require intelligent collaboration

10x faster

forensics analysis

Security teams need defense in depth to prevent attacks, DevOps needs to ensure apps are always up and running, and developers need to build secure micro services. Traceable gives all three the information they need, exactly when they need it. Because minutes matter in cloud native security and microservices security.